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History of Cedar Plantation

The Cedar Plantation holds generations of memories. According to recent architectural findings, it is believed that construction of the home dates back prior to the Civil War. The house was likely built as a traditional New England style saltbox house, having just one story in the back and two stories in the front. E.L. Shuford, the original owner of the home, was a young and wealthy carpetbagger from the North. Mr. Shuford was a bachelor who enjoyed big parties and entertaining his guests in grand style. The legacy of the home continues on as a place of celebration and cheer.

The Residence of the Abbott Family for Nearly 100 Years 

Mrs. Abbott named the estate "The Cedars" because of the huge beautiful trees that adorn the property. She told her grandchildren that on a clear day, she could see Red Top Mountain and the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance.   Mrs. Abbott enjoyed writing so much that she had stationery printed that read: Writing to You from the Cedars.  

Recently Bill Abbott, who grew up in the family home, and his lovely wife Susan celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary at Cedar Plantation. It was an honor to host the event for them, they too raised their children in the home. ​  

Becoming Cedar Plantation Wedding Venue

In 1998, Brigita Rowe purchased the property from the Abbott family and began renovations. The upstairs bedrooms were removed allowing for the beautiful high ceiling in the dining area. The original fireplaces and stairwell remain and are a photographers favorite for capturing wedding day images. The entire house and gardens are stunning. Brigita and her daughter Kristina have built the Cedar Plantation into a very successful and sought after Wedding & Special Event Venue.